Created in 1991 following the First International Symposium of World Heritage Cities which took place in July in Québec (Canada), the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) was officially founded on 8 September 1993 in Fez (Morocco). The Organization connects with more than 300 cities having on their territory a site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main objectives of  the Organization are:

  • to favor the implementation of the World Heritage Convention;
  • to encourage co-operation and the exchange of information and expertise on matters of conservation and management of urban heritage;
  • to develop a sense of solidarity among its member cities.

To this end, the OWHC organizes many meetings for its members: World Congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops dealing with the challenges to be met in the realm of management and strategies pertaining to the preservation and enhancement of historic cities. Moreover, the OWHC offers to its member cities many programs and projects which aim to promote and support the maintenance, recognition and enhancement of their world heritage. The OWHC’s headquarters are located in Québec City.

In 2013 the OWHC World Congress took place in Oaxaca, Mexico.
In 2013 the OWHC World Congress took place in Oaxaca, Mexico.